Making a Claim

Making a claim on a funeral insurance policy is a fairly simple process. Much like car or home insurance, formal procedures will be followed to ensure that the claim is legitimate and that the benefits of the policy are distributed in accordance with cover. Almost all insurance companies will have guide outlining the claim process on their website, links to these guides are available at the bottom of this page.

Where to start

The situation left behind after the passing of a loved one will always vary. If the passing was expected, preparations may have been made. If the passing was unexpected, the claims process may be little more time consuming.

If you have access to the policy

Sometimes loved ones have the policy details readily available or have included details of their policy in their will. This makes the claiming process slightly easier. If this is the case, you should contact the insurance company as soon as possible to commence the claim.

If you believe there may have been a policy

If you believe there may have been a funeral insurance policy taken out, there are a couple of ways you can be certain. Initially, a check through files and records held at the home of the deceased may uncover statements or policy documents. Another way to find out if a policy was taken out is to browse through the recent transactions of the deceased’s bank accounts. Insurance companies will generally debit the insurance premiums monthly or fortnightly from a bank account or credit card. Be diligent as the transaction particulars may not necessarily be in the retail name of the insurer (for example, if the insurer is a subsidiary, or the company name is different to that of the trading name).

If you are unsure

There is nothing wrong with phoning the insurance companies and finding out if they are aware of a particular policy. Generally the call centre representatives will require the full name and date of birth to perform a quick search. Additional personal information should be at hand to commence the claim if a policy is uncovered.


The claim process

Most insurers have a very similar process for making claims. You should check the website of the individual insurer to be sure of their requirements, however the basic procedure is as follows:

1 Contact the insurer over the phone, via email or through the online portal on their website. This will open the case for the claim.

2 The insurer will allocate a representative to help you with your claim. They will inform you of what they will require and what you need to do.

3 Most insurers will require some paperwork to be completed. These forms will need to be returned with any documentation requested.

4 Once you have provided the insurer with everything they require – the claim will be finalised and the insurer will make contact and confirm the benefit.


Real Insurance

For policies held with Real Insurance, please visit the claims section of their website.



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